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in html i am having the following tags.

  <a href="javascript:void(0)"><span id=M26>2011-2012</span></a>
  <div id=c26 STYLE="display:none">

  <a href="javascript:void(0)"><span id=M27>2012-2013</span></a>
  <div id=c26 STYLE="display:none">   

on Clicking on 2011-2012 or on 2012-2013 i want to set displaye property of div tag . I am using the following java script code for this and i am calling the javascript function in body tag. the output is showing style and display is not an object or property.

     <script language="javascript">
   function clickHnadler()
   var xid= document.getElementsByTagName("span");
   var xsp= xid[0].id;   
  alert("Span id is "+xsp);
   var oC = document.all("C"& xsp.substring(1,2));
   if(oC.STYLE.display == "none")
    oC.Style.Display = "";
     oC.Style.Display = "none";
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Your code is a mess. You are going to encounter a ton of bugs throughout the development phase of your application if you don't clean it up. Already there are quite a few errors in what you have provided that are easy to solve if you format it properly, fix brackets, fix spelling and capitalization errors... – Levi Botelho Nov 30 '12 at 10:04
You should be more consistent with your upper case and lower case. and close your tags. – Tim Joyce Nov 30 '12 at 10:10

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use jquery:

you can pass in the function the element or the Id: ex:

<a href="#" onclick="clickhandler(this)"><span id=M26>2011-2012</span></a>

function clickHnadler(element)
  var id = $(element > span).attr(id);
  id[0] = 'c'; //not the nicest way, maybe use a replace or something like that
  $(id).show(); //or $(id).css('display','list');
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You may use clickHandler has following way, function clickHandler(e) { window.document.links[0].handleEvent(e); }

You need to bind event spacifically to elements you want to handle click for. for more information please refer following link,

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Where on earth you've found this JavaScript guide? "Last Updated: 05/27/99 21:21:34" =O. – Teemu Nov 30 '12 at 12:56

Based on what i understand from your question, I come up with this.

    <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery1.8.js"></script>
    <a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="$(this).next('div').toggle()"><span id=M26>2011-2012</span></a>
    <div id=c26 STYLE="display:none">
    2011-2012 details</div>
    <br />
    <a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="$(this).next('div').toggle()"><span id=M27>2012-2013</span></a>
    <div id=c26 STYLE="display:none">   
        2012-2013 details
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