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Is it possible to redirect URL in to another URL without showing the new URL?


When users go to www.sample1.com/page1.html , it should show www.sample2.com/page2.html . But URL needs to be showing like it belongs to www.sample1.com , or something like this www.subdomain.sample1.com/blah.html.

I need to host some pages for another domain , but those pages should look like they belong to that domain or to a subdomain of that domain.

Using an iframe is not an option in my circumstances,any other suggestions are welcome.

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The easiest is probably to use mod_proxy to display all the sample2.com pages in a sub-context:

ProxyPass   /sample2   http://www.sample2.com

Thus, sample2.com/page2.html would display as sample1.com/sample2/page2.html.

Otherwise mod_rewrite may be of use as well, specifically the proxy|P flag.

Hope that helps.

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