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We desided to create enterprise web Portal for our Java developing company. My search started from the list of open-source java CMS. Then I read some reviews, and found out that there are CMS for creating common web-sites (for ex. Magnolia), and there are CMS for building portals (for ex. Liferay).

The first part of the question begins where I came across this list of open-source Portlet implementation solutions. It made me confused really. Are they all CMS, or just frameworks/tools to build one? Can I download them, and deploy on a server and experience their features for building a web-portal immediately, as I can do with other CMS? Can someone please explain me the difference.

The second part of the question, can you please list some of the actual Java open-source solutions for building enterprise web Portal. It must be free and I'm looking for one with a build-in Wiki Module (not just a markup styling, but with version control as well). I know, that Liferay is like this. But I need to consider other variants too. I heard Alfresco is also a portal with a wiki module.

As for now, I have this list:

  • Liferay
  • JBoss Portal (but it was discontinued since 2009, they develop GateIn now together with eXo; nevertheless I'll try it too)
  • GateIn UXP (there is GateIn Portal also, but it lacks wiki module)
  • JetSpeed (is it alive and kicking?) i'm not sure it has wiki module (though there is wiki-smth on one of it's portlet communities)

What else is there?

Please! I'm not asking for the best one, I just need a list to look through ^^

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Are you looking for any other capabilities other than a Wiki? –  Rhod Nov 30 '12 at 17:01