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I need a way to pause the program's flow because there are a lot of print statements that I want to check first. is there a way to do this with ruby, stop the program's flow and continue only if the user has entered yes or stop if it has entered no ? thanks

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Yes. In your code, put gets. Then the code will pause at that point until the user inputs Enter. You don't need to do anything special to terminate because, if you want to, you can just do Ctrl+C.

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Don't forget to chomp off the newline from the return value of gets.

n, m = 0, 1
repeat = 10

loop do
  repeat.times do
    print "#{m}, "
    n, m = m, n + m
  puts "\nContinue (yes/no)?"
  answer = gets.chomp
  exit if answer == "no"

Also check out Pry.

# test.rb
require 'pry'

class A
  def hello() puts "hello world!" end

a = A.new

# start a REPL session

# program resumes here (after pry session)
puts "program resumes here."
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