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I am using ADT 20.0.3. I am opening my trace file using following command:

C:>traceview "C:/Users/androdev/mytracefile.trace"

But I am getting following error:

Failed to read the trace filejava.io.IOException: Key section does not have an *end marker
at com.android.traceview.DmTraceReader.parseKeys(DmTraceReader.java:420)
at com.android.traceview.DmTraceReader.generateTrees(DmTraceReader.java:91)
at com.android.traceview.DmTraceReader.<init>(DmTraceReader.java:87)
at com.android.traceview.MainWindow.main(MainWindow.java:286)

mytracefile.trace is generated by using Debug.startMethodTracing("mytracefile") and Debug.stopMethodTracing() methods in my code.

Anyone know how to resolve this?

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1 Answer

That simply means the tracefile is empty. Most probably Debug.stopMethodTracing() is not being called, and thus the tracefile data ends up being empty.

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