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I have the following code. Works beautifully apart from i want the final tinstotal variable to be rounded up to the nearest 1 (2.04 being rounded up to 3 etc)


// Animate logo

// Calculation Scripts
// Square Metres
var output = $('#SquareMetres'),
    tinoutput = $('#Tins'),
    priceoutput = $('#Price');
$('input[type="text"]').keyup(function() {
var width = parseFloat( $('#width').val()),
    height = parseFloat( $('#height').val()),
    result = height * width / 10000,
    finalresult = result.toFixed(2);
if (isNaN(result)) return;


// Tins
var tinmetres = 32.5,
    tinprice = 18.23,
    tinsresult = finalresult / tinmetres;
    tinstotal = tinsresult.toFixed(2);


var price = tinstotal * tinprice,
    totalprice = price.toFixed(2);



the script is active here at http://andyholmes.me/sitewizard/index.html in the red box near the bottom. Hope you guys can help, thanks!

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tinstotal = Math.ceil(tinsresult.toFixed(2));

Math.ceil() will round to the next whole number

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priceoutput.text('£'+ Math.ceil(totalprice));
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Thanks! works perfectly :D –  Andy Holmes Nov 30 '12 at 11:48

use javascript's Math.ceil() method to round numbers up.

you can view information about this method here:


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I would imagine you are looking for Math.ceil()

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