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I'm using following command to get the start time of a windows process. This is to get the running time of a process to terminate if it running too long.

$ProcessStartTime =(Get-Process $WinProcess -computer $computer).StartTime (Not working)

above code not returning Start Time value from a remote server ( it can access other process information). But it getting values for a local process with following command.

$ProcessStartTime =(Get-Process $WinProcess).StartTime (Working)

Can some one help me.

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You can use wmi for this job:

gwmi win32_process -computername $computer| 
? { $_.name -eq "powershell.exe" } | 
% { $_.ConvertToDateTime( $_.CreationDate )}
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Are you sure you have used myprocess.exe (name and extension) in the where-object scriptblock filter? –  CB. Dec 3 '12 at 11:14
Yes. It worked after that. thanks (took some time to find that). –  SAN Dec 3 '12 at 12:21

i've the same result as you, but you can create a new session on the remote computer then use invoke-command to run your script :

$sess=new-pssession $computer
$ProcessStartTime =invoke-command -session $sess -ScriptBlock{ (Get-Process $WinProcess).StartTime}
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