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I have making test on my app to allow users to login with its digital certificate. This is not complicated as it requires just one line to actually retrieve data from a magnet card.

This is how I am requesting the data:

    string certDados = Request.ClientCertificate.Subject;
    string[] dataArray = certDados.Split(',');
    string data = dataArray.Last();
    string[] numberArr = data.Split(':');
    string number = numberArr.Last();   

<td>Utilizar Cert. Digital</td>

The problem is... I can´t get the number all the time. Sometimes the number is there, sometimes not. If I refresh the page a couple of times it appears, and next time I refresh it is not there..

Is there something I could do to solve this problem?

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Found a solution..

string certDados = "";
certDados = Request.ClientCertificate.Subject;
} while (certDados == "");

Now it is working... ;O)

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