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I have strings in a database table like this:


Is there a way in SQL to extract specific values from a string e.g.

Name = MyColumn(0)
SurName = MyColumn(1)
Character = MyColumn(3)
Company = MyColumn(4)


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Will you have a unknown number of slashes / in your data? Or will it always have 3? –  bluefeet Nov 30 '12 at 12:36

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If you know you will have exactly 4 columns, then you can also use this nested CTE version:

;with s1 (name, extra) as
  select left(data, charindex('/', data)-1), 
    substring(data, charindex('/', data) +1, len(data))
  from yourtable
s2 (name, surname, extra) as
  select name, 
    left(extra, charindex('/', extra)-1), 
    substring(extra, charindex('/', extra)+1, len(extra))
  from s1
s3 (name, surname, [character], company) as
  select name, 
    left(extra, charindex('/', extra)-1), 
    substring(extra, charindex('/', extra)+1, len(extra))
  from s2
select *
from s3;

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

The result is:

| Peter |  Parker | Spiderman |  Marvel |
| Bruce |   Wayne |    Batman |      DC |

Or you can implement both a CTE that splits the data and then a PIVOT:

;with cte (item, data, colNum, rn) as
  select cast(left(data, charindex('/',data+'/')-1) as varchar(50)) item,
    stuff(data, 1, charindex('/',data+'/'), '') data,
    1 colNum,
    row_number() over(order by data) rn
  from yourtable
  union all
  select cast(left(data, charindex('/',data+'/')-1) as varchar(50)) ,
    stuff(data, 1, charindex('/',data+'/'), '') data,
  from cte
  where data > ''
select [1] as Name, 
  [2] as Surname, 
  [3] as [character], 
  [4] as company
  select item, colnum, rn
  from cte
) src
  for colnum in ([1], [2], [3], [4])
) piv

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

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I'm assuming here that there are always exactly 4 parts.

If so, you could replace / with . and use the nice built in ParseName function. The only issue from your example is that it counts from the end, so you'd need to be careful about which part you want:

SET @test = 'Peter/Parker/Spiderman/Marvel';
SET @test = Replace(@test, '/', '.');

SELECT Parsename(@test, 4),--returns Peter
       Parsename(@test, 3),--returns Parker
       Parsename(@test, 2),--returns Spiderman
       Parsename(@test, 1) --returns Marvel

If there are a variable number of parts, you'll need to find a string splitting function to do this for you, there isn't a good one built in. Many options can be found searching SO:[sql+server]+string+split

Word of warning - if you try to use a number with PARSENAME other than 1-4, the result will always be NULL.

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