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Roo is tied to Spring framework and Maven is inherent, while Forge is closely related to Java EE/JBoss-AS and Maven becomes optional.

  • Can we use either of them to scaffold something independent of programming models, namely Spring framework or Java EE/CDI herewith?

  • Any pointers about Forge and Maven integration? Quick google leads to no useful links yet.

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Since 2 years I use Telosys Tools (instead of ROO) for Java applications scaffolding because this code generator is simple and independent of any kind of environment (it's possible to generate anything : Java, HTML, Python, etc...)

Some predefined templates are available on GitHub, if they don't match your needs you can create your own templates for your specific targets

cf tutorials :

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There is nothing that ties Forge to JBoss AS or really Java EE for that matter. At it's core Forge is a shell for generating resources. The available plugins tend to be Java EE focused, but they don't have to be.

Have a look at the Forge website. There is plenty of information on it there. Also JBoss Tools has nice integration with it if you use eclipse too.

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I have written a step by guide for a sample application creation with forge on eclipse. Check on this link

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