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I have used coffeescript for a while. Now I need to write a npm package, can I write it in coffeescript, or I should compile coffeescript into javascript?

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I'm going to suggest that you write your package in coffeescript, but only publish it in javascript. I do it like this:

  • coffeescript code goes in src
  • code is compiled to lib
  • src is committed to my git repo, lib is in my .gitignore
  • lib is published to npm, src is in my .npmignore
  • the coffee-script package is in my devDependencies

You can take a look at a simple package of mine, refix, for inspiration:

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I'll add that defining an prepublish task in your package.json that compiles your coffeescript is a handy way to automate this before your publish -- since we all forget to compile sometimes. See the npm scripts doc for more info: npmjs.org/doc/scripts.html –  smithclay Dec 10 '12 at 6:40
The one point I disagree with is keeping the lib folder in .gitignore. It is very handy to keep the lib folder in git so that people can reference your package via a git url. –  ghempton May 22 '13 at 1:17
If you have a postinstall task that compiles your coffeescript then you don't need to check in .js to lib/ in your git repository, and can safely add it to ignore just as Linus suggests here. See - github.com/ilkosta/static-jade-brunch for an example of how you could use those hooks (as well as how you might possibly avoid a global install of coffeescript) –  Merlyn Morgan-Graham Jun 6 at 7:30

You can write NPM modules in coffeescript, but in order for them to be usable by JS users they must be compiled to JS before you publish on NPM.

package.json makes this easy with their prepublish script hook which runs the specified script before you publish. Heres an example of a prepublish NPM hook in zombie.js


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I have written npm packages in CoffeeScript from scratch. I encourage you to use CoffeScript for node as well as for the Browser. However, before you can use or publish your module, you have to compile the source CoffeeScript to JavaScript. That should not hold you back from using CoffeeScript, though.

Tip: While developing, use coffee -cw yourfile.coffee (command line) to watch the file for changes and compile on save.

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