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The user of our app should be able to adjust a floating point number. At the moment, I filled an ArrayAdapter with all possible values and attached it to a spinner.

This solution doesn't really meet our expectations, since the spinner dropdown box is way too tall. Is there a better way? I was looking at Numberpicker - but this seems to work only with Integer values.

Any ideas?


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NumberPicker is not just for integers.. Even you can use Floats String etc.

see this and read about it.

for tutorials :

And I had used NumberPicker long ago like this and it might be some use posting here:

    NumberPicker np;
    String nums[]= {"Select Fraction","1/64","1/32","3/64","1/16","5/64","3/32","7/64","1/8","9/64","5/32","11/64","3/16","13/64","7/32","15/64","1/4","17/64","9/32","19/64","5/16","21/64","11/32","23/64","3/8","25/64","13/32","27/64","7/16","29/64"};

            np = (NumberPicker) findViewById(;


You can make ArrayList of any datatype and assign it.

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