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I'm trying to create an abstract object for my Table Objects.

Today I have lots of object like: CategoriaTable, FornecedoresTable, etc that implement $this->tableGateway->insert(), $this->tableGateway->update(), etc

I created an TableAbstract that contains most of those functionallities, but I stuck on one problem:

// In CategoriaTable my table id is named cat_id
$this->tableGateway->update($object->getArrayCopy(),array('cat_id' => $object->getId()))

// But in FornecedoresTable my table id is named for_id
$this->tableGateway->update($object->getArrayCopy(),array('for_id' => $object->getId()))

How can I get from tableGateway the id of an table? There is an better way to do what I want?

I guess I could inject the id name in my object but I don't thing this is a good way to do that...

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You can create new TableGateway class parameter.(In my case I created $this->primary;)

And if it is not set use Zend\Db\Metadata\Metadata to find it straight from db structure.

use Zend\Db\TableGateway\AbstractTableGateway;
use Zend\Db\Metadata\Metadata;

class AbstractTable extends AbstractTableGateway
    protected $primary;

    public function getPrimary()
        if (null === $this->primary) {
            $metadata = new Metadata($this->adapter);
            $constraints = $metadata->getTable($this->getTable()->getTable())

            foreach ($constraints AS $constraint) {
                if ($constraint->isPrimaryKey()) {
                    $primaryColumns = $constraint->getColumns();
                    $this->primary = $primaryColumns;

        return $this->primary;
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