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I'm working on a project that uses coffeescript for development and testing. I run the tests in node with mocha's --watch flag on so I can have the tests run automatically when I make changes.

While this works to some extent, only the ./test/test.*.coffee files are recompiled when something is saved. This is my directory structure:

-- # Dev files go here
-- # Test files go here

The mocha watcher responds to file changes inside the /src and /test directories, but as long as only the files in the /test directory are recompiled contious testing is kinda borked. If I quit and restart the watcher process the source files are also recompiled. How can I make mocha have the coffee compiler run over the development files listed as dependencies inside the test files on each run?

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Seems like you need a build tool. Take a look at flour or grunt – Ricardo Tomasi Dec 2 '12 at 5:44
Thanks. Tried Grunt with simplemocha, but I'm getting generic JS errors with simplemocha. Gonna try flour now. – nordhagen Dec 3 '12 at 12:01
I am writing an anwser based on grunt.js, it's easily doable but I am not sure how you compile your files to js and if you run your tests in js or coffee. – Arnaud Rinquin Dec 3 '12 at 12:43
Thank you so much for the answers! Is it possible to do this using just a Makefile? – nordhagen Dec 4 '12 at 10:27
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Here is my answer using grunt.js

You will have to install grunt and few additionnal packges.

npm install grunt grunt-contrib-coffee grunt-simple-mocha grunt-contrib-watch

And write this grunt.js file:

module.exports = function(grunt) {


          reporter: 'spec',
          slow: 200,
          timeout: 1000
        files:['src/coffee/*', 'test/*.coffee'],
        tasks:['buildDev', 'buildTest', 'test']

  grunt.registerTask('test', 'simplemocha:dev');
  grunt.registerTask('buildDev', 'coffee:dev');
  grunt.registerTask('buildTest', 'coffee:test');
  grunt.registerTask('watch', ['buildDev', 'buildTest', 'test', 'watch:all']);


Note: I didn't have some detials on how you build / run your tests so you certainly have to addapt ;)

Then run the grunt watch task :

$>grunt watch
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There may be a problem when installing grunt-simple-mocha, it already using grunt v0.4 of grunt and npm currently still have v0.3 of it. So i checked out v0.2 of grunt-simple-mocha to make it work with old grunt from npm – llamerr Dec 17 '12 at 15:30

Using a Cakefile with flour:

flour = require 'flour'
cp    = require 'child_process'

task 'build', ->
    bundle 'src/coffee/*.coffee', 'lib/project.js'

task 'watch', ->
    invoke 'build'
    watch 'src/coffee/', -> invoke 'build'

task 'test', ->
    invoke 'watch'
    cp.spawn 'mocha --watch', [], {stdio: 'inherit'}

Mocha already watches the test/ folder, so you only need to watch src/.

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