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In order to add items to a kendo menu dynamically, here in the forums, the kendo team suggested to use the append method as described in this example to append submenus.

I've done this, now I have the problem of arrows not rendering for nodes. The issue can be seen in this example: if you hover on "Item 1" then click on "Sub Item 2", "Sub Item 2" will be populated with a submenu. This submenu lacks arrows for expanding nodes.

Perhaps this is a bug that needs reporting but I cannot post on Kendo menu forum.

Does anyone know how I could get arrow icons to render?

I think the append method is where a fix could be applied:

    append: function (item, referenceItem) {
        referenceItem = this.element.find(referenceItem);

        var inserted = this._insert(item, referenceItem, referenceItem.length ? referenceItem.find("> .k-group, .k-animation-container > .k-group") : null);

        each(inserted.items, function (idx) {

            var contents = inserted.contents[idx];
            if (contents) {


        updateFirstLast(".k-first, .k-last").add(inserted.items));

        return this;
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Actually seems the updateArrow function is broken. I've updated it for the next release, meanwhile you can also update it to get it working, from this:


to this:

item.find("> .k-link > .k-icon").remove();
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Thanks, the fix worked fine. –  pingo Jan 30 '13 at 12:38

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