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my property key doesn't work anymore in Excel: The key between right-ctrl and right-windows, that shows the context menu (the list of options for that cell, including "delete comment" etc).

My mouse right-click still works.

I use autohotkey where it could have been re-assigned with

appskey::  ;some code

But I did not do this assignment in Autohotkey. I also closed all the .ahk that were running and the issue still occurs. So it seems to have nothing to do with Autohotkey at all.

Some person said he could re-enable his mouse right-key with

Application.CommandBars("cell").Enabled = True

but this didn't work either. (My own right mouse-click has of course always still been working.)

Please help!

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Oh sorry, thanks for pointing that out. – Relaxed1 Dec 10 '12 at 8:32
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Oops, here's what happened:

application.onkey "+{f10}", "One_Of_My_Macros"

The context key was then also re-assigned to this macro... I removed this code and it worked.

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