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Using TSQL is there a way to determine whether a UDF returns a Scalar Value or a Table Value?

I examined the results of this query but could not see any differences in functions based on type:

select * from sysobjects where type = 'FN'


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have you tried joining to sys.parameters

select * FROM sys.objects AS SO
INNER JOIN sys.parameters AS P 
ON SO.OBJECT_ID = P.OBJECT_ID where type = 'FN'

The type_desc column should be either SQL_SCALAR_FUNCTION or SQL_TABLE_VALUED_FUNCTION

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Thankks - that did it. – Neil Weicher Nov 30 '12 at 15:55
Not 100% correct. I get 'TF' for a [Table Valued Function]. Check the other answers! – d.popov Aug 3 '15 at 12:36

I think sp_help does what you want

sp_help 'dbo.InlineFunction'

Name            Owner   Type                Created_datetime
InlineFunction  dbo     inline function     2012-11-20 10:23:59.260


sp_help 'dbo.ScalarFunction'

Name            Owner   Type                Created_datetime
ScalarFunction  dbo     scalar  function    2012-11-20 10:23:59.260
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nifty - but the one posted by Paul is easier to use in a query. Thanks – Neil Weicher Dec 1 '12 at 18:01

Actually you're almost there :)

Scalar functions are listed as being of type FN in sysobjects and table functions are listed as being of type TF.

SELECT * from sysobjects WHERE Xtype IN ('FN','TF')


SELECT * from sysobjects WHERE [type] IN ('FN','TF')

will return both.

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Apart from the sysobjects and sys.Types you can check the UDF and see whether its returning only a value or a table.

CREATE FUNCTION getCost(@person VARCHAR(10), @month TINYINT)
--function body here

In the above case it returning only INT so the type is FN

CREATE FUNCTION getCost(@person VARCHAR(10), @month TINYINT)
--function body here

Since the function is returning table therefore its type is TF (Table Value Function)

UDF Types

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