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To start with, I have a blog site and its been 2 months now, since its been made live. To make it SEO-Friendly, I have already followed the steps below:

  1. All my page header is within h1 tag.
  2. Added respective meta keywords, meta description and title tags.

But , when I copy paste a content from one of my meta keywords and paste it in the google, I dont find my page listed any where..

So, i am quite puzzled, as to what keyword should i use to take my page higher in the search results ?? also, are there any trust worthy SEO-tools which will help me identify the same ??

P.S : My website is hosted in a sub-domain e.g.

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StackOverflow is for questions about programming. You might want to try this on Pro Webmasters. – Michael Mior Nov 30 '12 at 14:37
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You can use google's and google analytics, webmaster tools will help you optmize etc...

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