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Time ago I did a theme for Chrome using a web engine if I'm not mistaken.

It always worked till Chrome upgraded to version 23. Now when I want to install the theme I get this error:

Could not load extension from '/extension_path/'. The 'manifest_version' key must be present and set to 2 (without quotes). See developer.chrome.com/extensions/manifestVersion.html for details.

I guess I have to open the manifest.json and edit the key value to 2? I really don't know, never worked with it. How can I open the manifest?

If I have the extension installed and update to 23, it keeps working without any problem.

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Check out Chrome's documentation on Manifest Version. Find the manifest.json file in the extension's folder and add

"manifest_version": 2,

in there.

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But why 2 and not why 1? –  Fahad Uddin May 28 '13 at 10:40
They're no longer supporting manifest v1. See developer.chrome.com/extensions/… and the section below it (Changes between version 1 and 2) –  sachleen May 29 '13 at 2:52

Make sure you test after adding the manifest key to the manifest.json. Your Extension might not work properly. Mine didn't.

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