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I want to use case statement in where clause but getting error in the query below.

 (r.WeekId=@WeekId or @WeekId is null) and
 (ShiftId=@ShiftId or @ShiftId is null)
 and (placeid=@PlaceId or @PlaceId is null)
 and (r.StatusId=3)
CASE WHEN @day = 1 THEN ((firstday=@time and (allocateddays is null or NOT (AllocatedDays  LIKE '%1%')))) 
 WHEN @day = 2 THEN ((secondday=@time and (allocateddays is null or NOT (AllocatedDays LIKE '%2%'))))  
 WHEN @day = 3 THEN ((thirdday=@time  and (allocateddays is null or NOT (AllocatedDays LIKE '%3%')))) 
 ELSE AND (1 = 1) 

I am getting error at Case statement at line CASE WHEN @day = 1. What is going wrong with my query. Please help.

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CASE in T-SQL can only return values - not entire expressions/code blocks –  marc_s Nov 30 '12 at 14:53

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The CASE should be rewritten as an OR chain each of which uses @day = n for one of its conditions, owing to the fact that it CASE is expceted to return a value. It cannot execute conditionally in a WHERE clause.

If the condition like @day = 1 returns TRUE, it is used as a boolean AND with the rest of the statement. Each of these is chained via OR to the previous.

 (r.WeekId=@WeekId or @WeekId is null) and
 (ShiftId=@ShiftId or @ShiftId is null)
 and (placeid=@PlaceId or @PlaceId is null)
 and (r.StatusId=3)
 /* I *think* I have the () groups correct here... There's an unnecessary double (()) around firstday|secondday|thirddad */
 AND (
   (@day = 1 AND ((firstday=@time and (allocateddays is null or NOT (AllocatedDays  LIKE '%1%')))))
   OR (@day = 2 AND ((secondday=@time and (allocateddays is null or NOT (AllocatedDays LIKE '%2%')))))
   OR (@day = 3 AND ((thirdday=@time  and (allocateddays is null or NOT (AllocatedDays LIKE '%3%')))))
   /* Not certain if this is necessary in your case, as a catch-all to replace your ELSE */
   OR (@day NOT IN (1,2,3) AND 1=1) 
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Thanks. It perfectly working for me and clearing the concept. Thanks for the elaboration –  eraj Nov 30 '12 at 15:07

In a WHERE clause, the CASE statement can be used only to specify alternative values for a comparison like this:

where @day = 
    case @SomeCondition
        when 1 then @Sunday
        when 2 then @Monday
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You cannot have ELSE AND... no compiler will deal with that (except languages like Fortran).

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The line: ELSE AND (1 = 1) looks mighty suspicious. Take that out and try.

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Its a dummy conditional statement. it is not causing any problem –  eraj Nov 30 '12 at 15:02

One thing that's wrong is that your CASE statements in the where clause are assigning values. For example when you do firstdaay=@time. You can't do that. You can only put expressions in the where clause that evaluate to true or false, nothing more. As a result, your whole where clause is wrong and frankly, doesn't make much sense to me.

Those conditions in the where clause seem to belong more to the select clause:

select ... 
case when @day=1  and (allocateddays is null or NOT (AllocatedDays  LIKE '%1%') then firstday=@time else null end as first_day,
case when @day=2 and (allocateddays is null or NOT (AllocatedDays LIKE '%2%') then secondday=@time else null end as second_day

from ... 
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