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I am trying to accomplish pretty much the same thing as asked at How to use JQuery-File-Upload to upload multiple images on one page during creating post? I have been able to accomplish the accepted answers (@brad werth) guide. But I am currently stuck at step 3 I was wondering if anyone could explain and/or show some code on how to do this. Thanks in advance

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You must take a look to this episode:


I think you must suscribe to railscasts to learn rails and read any book.

Best Regards!

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I have already watched the episode, fortunately I have the ability to upload, however my dilemma is not about uploading, its more about uploading but keeping a relationship between 2 models. For example "Posts" has many "Photos", I need to figure out a way to associate the two. btw do you understand "step 3" in the supplied link? thanks –  Joshua Nov 30 '12 at 17:01

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