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Here's my header file that was included in another file but not yet used:

#define ksm_read 0X01
#define ksm_rdwr 0x00

struct ksm_info_t {
    uint ksmsz; //size of shared mem
    int cpid;   //pid of the creator
    int mpid;   //pid of the last modifier
    uint attached_nr; //number of attached processes
    uint atime; //last attached time
    uint dtime; //last deattach time
    uint total_shrg_nr; //total number of existing shared regions
    uint total_shpg_nr; //total number of existing shared pages

int ksmget(char* name, uint size);
int ksmattach(int hd, int flag);
int ksmdetach(int hd);
int ksminfo(int hd, struct ksminfo_t* info);
int ksmdelete(int hd);

Here are the errors I'm getting:

> ksm.h:18: error: ‘struct ksminfo_t’ declared inside parameter list
> ksm.h:18: error: its scope is only this definition or declaration, which is prob
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Whenever I get an error about declarations, first thing I do is go character by character through the name of variable in the error and the line in my code. Slightly OCD but it tends to catch things like this. –  Mike Nov 30 '12 at 15:36

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Typo, should be struct ksm_info_t, not struct ksminfo_t.

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You are missing an underscore:

int ksminfo(int hd, struct ksminfo_t* info);

should be

int ksminfo(int hd, struct ksm_info_t* info);
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