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I implemented a FTP Server in Python using pyftpdlib.ftpserver
This works fine with mput/put operations but fails with mget/get. Following exception is thrown:

[] Connected. ==> 220 pyftpdlib 0.5.2 ready. <== USER user ==> 331 Username ok, send password. <== PASS ** ==> 230 Login successful. [user]@ User user logged in. <== TYPE A ==> 200 Type set to: ASCII. <== PORT 10,203,200,136,243,206 ==> 200 Active data connection established. <== NLST RS.pcap [user]@ OK NLST "/RS.pcap". Transfer starting. ==> 125 Data connection already open. Transfer starting. ==> 226 Transfer complete. <== TYPE A ==> 200 Type set to: ASCII. <== PORT 10,203,200,136,243,208 ==> 200 Active data connection established. <== RETR RS.pcap [user]@ OK RETR "/RS.pcap". Download starting. ==> 125 Data connection already open. Transfer starting. ==> 426 Internal error; transfer aborted.

Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:\Python31\lib\asynchat.py", line 244, in initiate_send
        data = buffer(first, 0, obs)
    File "C:\Python31\lib\asynchat.py", line 56, in buffer
TypeError: cannot make memory view because object does not have the buffer interface

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:\Python31\lib\pyftpdlib\ftpserver.py", line 2077, in push_dtp_data
    File "C:\Python31\lib\asynchat.py", line 211, in push_with_producer
    File "C:\Python31\lib\asynchat.py", line 246, in initiate_send
        data = first.more()
    File "C:\Python31\lib\pyftpdlib\ftpserver.py", line 1143, in more
        return bytes(data, BYTES_ENCODING)
TypeError: encoding or errors without a string argument

Now in asynchat.py (which is called internally), in initiate_send, buffer is called which throws an exception when memoryview(obj) is done; obj being a FileProducer type of object.

Can anyone please suggest what possible error is it? Is there a problem in python library? How to solve it?

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How do I use pyftpdlib with Python 3.1? – Rajat Dec 3 '12 at 6:08

Hard to say without seeing some actual code. It seems to be related to the str/bytes distinction (which has changed in Python 3 from Python 2). From the pyftpdlib homepage, it looks like pyftpdlib doesn't support Python 3 yet.

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I am using something like:from pyftpdlib import ftpserver>>> authorizer = ftpserver.DummyAuthorizer()>>> authorizer.add_user("user", "12345", "C:\Parent")>>> handler = ftpserver.FTPHandler>>> handler.authorizer = authorizer>>> address = ("", 22)>>> ftpd = ftpserver.FTPServer(address, handler)>>> ftpd.serve_forever() – Rajat Dec 3 '12 at 5:15

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