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In play framework 2, the zentasks sample shows how to do basic authentication. They subclassed Security.Authenticator and added additional methods for authorization. I find it a bit messy, since each method needs to be wrapped with an if-statement.

How can I convert the methods isOwnerOf and isMemberOf into Actions? This would allow me to simply annotate the methods. Currently, I am struggling in create an annotation that would accept the param of the method. Even if I annotate the parameter, then I do not know how to fetch it when the Action is called.

If there's a better way, I would be glad to hear so.

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Take a look at the Deadbolt plugin for the authorizations. – nico_ekito Nov 30 '12 at 15:26
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Take a ready to use full stack for authentication/authorization - Play Authenticate

  • it includes Deadbolt
  • it offers common providers like Facebook, Twitter, Goolge, etc
  • it offers common password + own providers
  • it supports multilanguage (also in informational mails)
  • it includes ready-to-use Java sample
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