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Is there a way to search for or filter changesets by user?

The History view seems very inflexible.

For that matter, is there a way to filter changesets by anything?

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Can you see a list of your users under Team Members in the Team Explorer tab? If so then right click on a user and select 'Show Checkin History'. This will enable you to see a full list of Changesets checked in by the selected user.

There is also a "Find Changesets" toolbar button in the Source Control Explorer tabenter image description here

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I do have the team members tab, but we have dozens of teams and half of them seem to be configured wrongly (they have a red "x" icon and won't expand), including the one I belong to. The "Find Changesets" button in the Source Control Explorer is exactly what I was looking for, though, thanks! Specifically, I cleared the File field and put in the User ID. That dialog seems like it would correspond to the File.TfsFindChangesets command, but that doesn't seem to do anything. –  jrajav Nov 30 '12 at 15:57

I don't know how to search by user, but regarding the second part of your question about existing filters : when you're performing a search (right click "Find in Source Control") or a "merge up to a specific version" option, you can select to search by changeset, and then search for a range of changeset or a range of dates.

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