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I notice a strange problem with doxygen 1.8.2. Including a header label causes the header title to disappear from the output html.

With the following markdown file:

Title            {#title}

Section 1        {#section1}
Text for section 1

I get the output as:


Text for section 1

But, if I remove the {#section1} label from the markdown file, I get the correct output as:


Section 1

Text for section 1

What is the mistake I am making here?

Edit I observed the following warning when I label a section:

 warning: found subsection command outside of section context!
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I was unable to reproduce this behavior in a simple test case with a default generated configuration file for Doxygen 1.8.2. Do you see this behavior in a stand alone test case or as a part of a larger document set? You may need to post the exact content of the files you are working with, including the configuration file. –  DRH Dec 9 '12 at 7:07
Same "problem" with 1.8.8. I had a README.md that did the exact same thing, but without the label for the topmost header. –  Mad Physicist Sep 18 '14 at 18:41

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After some investigation, I have decided this appears to be a bug, but only because it is slightly counter-intuitive.

Consider the following:

The Main Section {#the_main_section}

Subsection One {#first}

Something highly interesting...

The document starts with a level 1 header (as described here) and so Doxygen parses "The Main Section" as the name and title of the page. The header and the label {#the_main_section} appear to be disregarded once the header has been converted into a page name.

The processing then moves on to the rest of the document and When it reaches "Subsection One", it believes that there is no parent "Section" for the "subsection" (as the "Section" was converted to a page name) and this is where it chokes.

More specifically, it discards the subsection (header) as it believes there is no parent "section". All other text remains, but is treated as part of the "page" (with no section parent).

The "fix" is to add another "level 1 header" after the initial "level 1 header" e.g.

My Great Documentation (Which Becomes the Page Name)

The First Section

Q. What? I already created a level 1 heading?
A. Yup, but that was converted to a page name/title and discarded, so now
   we have to create another level 1 heading for my first section. Don't
   be fooled into thinking that the opening heading in this document is
   still treated as an opening heading by Doxygen - it's not!
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I should add that this still does not explain (nor is it clear to me) why removing the labels gives the appearance of the Markdown working correctly. I say "gives the appearance", because if you remove the labels and try to add a [TOC] to the document, no TOC is produced! If you implement the "workaround" described above, then the parsed document appears correct and includes the TOC with links to the section/subsection headings. –  Lester Burnham Dec 19 '12 at 15:11
Here is a page that discusses these issues (including the one from your comment): svenax.net/site/2013/07/…. The only thing that is not mentioned is that not labelling ALL of the sections including the topmost header (except the page name) causes none of them to show up at all, not just in the TOC, but on the page itself. –  Mad Physicist Sep 18 '14 at 18:58

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