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please I have the following markup :

<div class="item"> 1 a </div>
<div class="item"> 2 b </div>
<div class="item"> 3 c </div>

After a click on a button, I want to increase using jQuery the value of the three elements by 2 and get :

<div class="item"> 3 a </div>
<div class="item"> 4 b </div>
<div class="item"> 5 c </div>

Please any help ?

Thanks a lot

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You may do this in your button's event handler :

      $(this).html().replace(/(\d+)/, function(v){return parseInt(v,10)+1})

This increments the first number in your items (if you want to increment any number, just change the regex to /(\d+)/g).


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Thank you so much this was helpful !! – Sami El Hilali Nov 30 '12 at 15:37

You should modify your html like this:

<div class="item"> <span>1</span> product </div>
<div class="item"> <span>2</span> product </div>

And the your Javascript should be:

    $( '.item' ).each(function(){
        var actual = parseInt( $(this).find( 'span' ).html() );
        $(this).find( 'span' ).html( actual + 1 );
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Look into the .appendTo class HERE

With .appendTo(), on the other hand, the content precedes the method, either as a selector expression or as markup created on the fly, and it is inserted into the target container.

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How does this answer the question? – Julien Royer Nov 30 '12 at 15:53

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