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I have a global variable called fWidth that is currently 300.

I'm setting pictureBox.width = fWidth, but then I want to do something like pictureBox.height = calcImgHeight(originalHeight,originalWidth)

This is where the problem comes in, because I'm terrible at math :D

Private Function calcImgHeight(oHeight, oWidth)
    Dim nHeight, ratio As Integer
    ratio = oWidth / fWidth
    nHeight = oHeight / ratio

    Return nHeight
End Function

What should the correct code be?

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I bet I'm worse at maths than you, but fortunately I'm good at Googling.


original height / original width x new width = new height

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Easy peasy. My google-fu is normally strong, but maybe not enough coffee yet. :| Thanks –  Scott Beeson Nov 30 '12 at 16:21

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