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struct vec3{
float x,y,z;

vec3 array[10];
char buffer[100];
memcpy(buffer, array, sizeof(array));
memcpy(array, buffer, sizeof(array));

struct Vec3 is not Plain Old Datatype (POD type). Is it this code correct and/or is it exist some garantees about memory layout in C++2003?

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Of course, you should use sizeof(array) in place of 100. –  GManNickG Nov 30 '12 at 16:35
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Not in C++03, but in C++11 this is fine.

They introduced a concept called standard-layout, which is really what POD should have been. I won't go into the standardese, but the new category is the recognition that your class is really just a POD with a new way of initializing it; the layout is still the same, hence the name "standard layout".

So most (all?) of those things that used to be POD only are now standard-layout only, so you're good to go.

In practice this works fine in C++03 compilers; you can view this as them supporting C++11 in some way.

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