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Possible Duplicate:
Why does int exp1 = 14/20*100; equals ‘0’ in java?

I am using this:

int newWidth = Math.round(297 * (40 / 414));

In the code the numbers are actually variables, but those are what they were holding, and when I run the code newWidth comes back as 0, and I was expecting 28 or 29. I don't see what is wrong here...

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40 / 414 equals to 0 – Andrey Chernukha Nov 30 '12 at 16:29
Search the web for "integer arithmetic". – maerics Nov 30 '12 at 16:30
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40 / 414 is rounded to 0 immediately as it only works with integers. You must either cast one of the operands to double/float or use double immediately:

int newWidth = (int)Math.round(297 * (40.0 / 414));


int newWidth = (int)Math.round(297 * ((double)40 / 414));
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Because 40/414 equals to 0, so 297*0 = 0 and Math.round(0) = 0

Use doubles instead.

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int newWidth = (int)Math.round(297 * (40d / 414));

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Change to int newWidth = (int)Math.round(297 * (40.0 / 414));

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An int in java uses no decimal places... Therefore you should use a double for this. It is giving you a 0 because inside the () 40/ 414 = 0.

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The problem starts with 40/414: that's integer division, which returns an int. In this case: 0.

To fix it, cast one of those ints to a double or float, e.g. ((float) 40 / 414).

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The result of 40/414 is zero. This is a consequence of integer division. Change either numerator or denominator to a floating point value to get your desired result

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Gonna throw my 2 cents in... as noted, the issue lies in the integer division. Another method for forcing this division to treat the result as a double:

int newWidth = Math.round(297 * (40.0 / 414));
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40/414 is rounded to 0.

What you probably want is

int newWidth = (297 * 40) / 414;
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