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I'm working through the Django 1.4 tutorial, and I notice that in the view layer, URLs are assembled by hand:

<form action="/polls/{{ poll.id }}/vote/" method="post">

And so on.

However, on the controller side, URLs are generated dynamically:

return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse('polls.views.results', args=(p.id,)))

Something seems a little inconsistent about this. Since the prefix for the URL (/polls in this case) is determined in the project's URLconf instead of the application's URLconf, it seems unwise to hard-code this value in the template.

Is there a helper or some other way to generate a URL in a Django template so that it takes the URLconf into account?

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Yes, you can use the builtin url-tag to avoid hardcoding a path.

For example:

{% url 'myapp:view-name' %}
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