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I'm triying to read the text file below with a java.util.Scanner in a simple Java Program.


I read the text file using the code below:

scanner = new Scanner(filerader).useDelimiter("\\;|\\n");
while (scanner.hasNext()) {
    int id= scanner.nextInt();
    String name = scanner.next();
    String code = scanner.next();

    System.out.printf(".%s.%s.%d.\n", name, code, id);

The results are:


But the result of the third token of each line has an incovenient '\r' caracther at the end (ANSI code 13). I have no idea why (I used the '.' character on the formatting string to to make it clear where the '\r' is).


  1. Why there's a '\r' at the end of the third token?
  2. How to bypass it.

It is very simple to use an workaround like code.substring(0, 2), but instead I want to understand why there's a '\r' character there.

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Hi! How can I do it? I see my rate is 0% but I don't known how to change it. – Rafael Borja Dec 3 '12 at 13:26
Just click one of the checkmarks next to an answer to your question – durron597 Dec 3 '12 at 13:46
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In some file systems(specially Windows), \r\n is used a new line character. You are using \n only a delimiter so \r remain out. Add \r also in your delimiters.

To make your code little more robust, use System.lineSeparator() to get the new line characters and use the delimiters accordingly.

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I used the pattern "\\;|\\r\\n" and it worked fine! Thanks for the explanation. – Rafael Borja Nov 30 '12 at 22:55
@RafaelBorja Good to know. Please accept the answer you like. – Yogendra Singh Nov 30 '12 at 22:56

You are using a Windows file, which uses \r\n as line delimiters (aka Carriage Return Line Feed). Unix uses only \n (Line Feed).

To fix this, add \r to your scanner delimiter.

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The reason why it happens is already given, Other way to avoid this is to use scanner.nextLine() and then split by ; .

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