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import pygame
pygame.mixer.music.load("only one.mp3")
while pygame.mixer.music.get_busy():

When I run the code, there's no sound and the program ends in like a second. Initially I didn't have the while loop until I saw the suggestions in the answers to similar questions. The program does enter the while loop on my friend's windows system, but not on my mac, and it doesn't have any sound either even on my friend's windows system. Does anybody know how to solve it?

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The above code works if you create a display screen, it does not work without it. Are you trying to play music with out a pygame screen? I could not find any documentation that shows the mixer module working stand alone from a typical pygame app. –  i_4_got Nov 30 '12 at 21:17
I think you just need to open a window first. –  PygameNerd Nov 30 '12 at 22:21

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Works well on Ubuntu 10.04 and Pygame 1.9.1.

Some things you can try:

  • initialize whole pygame pygame.init()
  • i_4_got's suggestion (create a display) pygame.display.set_mode((200,100))
  • put a pause (tick) between play an get_busy
  • poll events inside the loop pygame.event.get()


import pygame
pygame.mixer.music.load("only one.mp3")

clock = pygame.time.Clock()
while pygame.mixer.music.get_busy():
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It works thank you! –  laike9m Sep 26 '13 at 14:24
  1. import winsound
  2. winsound.PlaySound(filename [as string with path if necessary], flag [integer z.B. 1 for asynchronous] )

This works fine with Windows 8 and Python 2.7.6 and *.wav files

The different flags you can check if you type winsound. and look for the autofill list. The flags are like SND_FILENAME or similar. If you type them into the editor like *winsound.SND_FILENAME you get the integer to apply in the PLaySound command from above

Have fun

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it would be easier if u changed the mp3 to ogg format ,try this.. its simple

from pygame import *
pygame.mixer.music.load("only one.ogg")

vote the answer if its working, if not tell me whats wrong

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1. Use import pygame before pygame.init(). If you from pygame import *, pygame won't be defined. And you get other issues. 2. pygame.mixer.music.load gives pygame.error: Unrecognized file format. –  Charles Merriam Jan 29 at 1:01

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