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I want to send Push Notifications with PHP.

So I set up some code to send them. It actually works well but now I have to do some error handling.

If I e.g. post an invalid token to Apple and then send some valid tokens, Apple won't push the message to the valid token's device.

So I will check the Stream after every time I sent a payload for an response which will tell me, if there were any issues.

$test = fwrite($this->fp, $payload);

if ($test != strlen($payload)) {
    echo 'NOT ALL BYTES WRITTEN'; //This is just for debug

usleep(1000000); //Wait for Apple to respond.

$error_hex = fread($this->fp, 6);
if ($error_hex !== false && strlen($error_hex) == 6) {
    $error = unpack('Ccommand/Cstatus_code/Nidentifier', $error_hex);

} else {
    echo 'NO HEX ERROR';

This always outputs "NO HEX ERROR", so Apple didn't respond with an error.

Why does this not work? Stream Blocking is disabled.

stream_set_blocking($this->fp, 0);
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Did you find a solution yet? I'm still not receiving errors, even if replacing the tokens with lalelu... – Julian F. Weinert Aug 11 '14 at 12:42

Invalid token, not mean it is "NO EXIST TOKEN", it mean that token is in sandbox enviment, you send token of sandbox for production, cause Invalid Token

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