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I have this error and I can't figure out what the problem is. The error is: kCGWindowBound <---called object type 'CFStringRef' (aka 'const_CFString *') is not a function or function pointer Xcode 4.3.3 on OSX 10.7.4

void MacMouse::_initialize(){   
mMouseWarped = false; 
// Hide OS Mouse

    MacInputManager* im = static_cast<MacInputManager*>(mCreator);
    WindowRef win = im->_getWindow();

        Rect clipRect = {0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f};
        kCGWindowBounds(win, kWindowContentRgn, &clipRect);

        CGPoint warpPoint;
        warpPoint.x = ((clipRect.right - clipRect.left) / 2) + clipRect.left;
        warpPoint.y = ((clipRect.bottom - clipRect.top) / 2) + clipRect.top;
        CGDisplayMoveCursorToPoint(kCGDirectMainDisplay, warpPoint); //Place at display origin

        mMouseWarped = true;

    //Now that mouse is warped, start listening for events
    EventTargetRef event = ((MacInputManager*)mCreator)->_getEventTarget();

    if(mouseEventRef != NULL)

    if(mWindowFocusHandler != NULL)

    mouseEventRef = mWindowFocusHandler = NULL;

    if(InstallEventHandler(event, mouseUPP, GetEventTypeCount(mouseEvents), mouseEvents, this, &mouseEventRef) != noErr)
        OIS_EXCEPT( E_General, "MacMouse::_initialize >> Error loading Mouse event handler" );

    if(InstallEventHandler(event, mWindowFocusListener, GetEventTypeCount(WinFocusAcquired), WinFocusAcquired, this, &mWindowFocusHandler) != noErr)
        OIS_EXCEPT( E_General, "MacMouse::_initialize >> Error loading Mouse event handler" );      

    //Lock OS Mouse movement
    mNeedsToRegainFocus = false;
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