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I have some resources e.g. xml files, images etc in org\languagetool\resource directory in my jars applications directory.

I wonder how to provide reference to these resources when building dll from a jar file.
I tried adding following options:
but both seems does not to work.

My Command is as follows:

ikvmc.exe -target:library -out:LanguageTool.dll -resource:org/languagetool/rules=org/languagetool/rules/ -resource:org/languagetool/resources=org/languagetool/resources/ LanguageTool.jar

PS: I am creating dll for LanguageTools library

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Have you managed to create the DLL? Can you share it? – Alex Blokha Apr 23 at 13:01

The -externalresource: and -resource: options both are for individual files only, so if you want multiple resources, you have to include all of them explicitly (by specifying the option multiple times).

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Hi Jeroen, does the -resource option still work this way in 7.3.4830.0? Should I expect to see the resulting resources in Visual Studio's object browser, when I browse the resulting dll? thanks .. Jason – JasonPlutext Oct 23 '14 at 23:58

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