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I want to restore the backup from staging to demo

I followed the documentation on heroku and combed through SO but no luck so far.

I am using Windows 7 and versions are:

heroku/toolbelt/2.33.2 (i386-mingw32) ruby/1.9.2 Ruby: ruby 1.9.3p194 (2012-04-20) [i386-mingw32] Rails: 3.2.7


$heroku pgbackups:capture


←[0KCapturing... donet |
←[0KStoring... done

$heroku pgbackups:url

I know the command above is not required but I did it anyway just to make sure that a url is generated for backup db.

and the command for restore:

$heroku pgbackups:restore --remote demo DATABASE 'heroku pgbackups:url'

 **!    Backup not found**

Just to be sure, I tried the following other formats of the command:

heroku pgbackups:restore --remote demo DATABASE 'heroku pgbackups:url --remote staging'

heroku pgbackups:restore --app demoapp DATABASE 'heroku pgbackups:url --app stagingapp'

They both are resulting in Backup not found error

I also tried with the name of the db on demo:

$heroku pgbackups:restore HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_ROSE 'heroku pgbackups:url --remote staging' --remote demo
 !    Backup not found

Please help!

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Use backquotes instead of single quotes.

` heroku pgbackups:url -a source-app `

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Log into your heroku control panel and make sure the version of PGbackup you have isn't depreciated

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