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I have a SQL Server 2008 instance running on Amazon RDS and another test database server running as a SQL 2008 Express installation on an Amazon EC2 instance.

I am able to connect to both of these servers using SQL Server Management Studio (and other tools like Navicat) so, I am happy that the servers are correctly configured to accept remote TCP connections and that there are no firewall issues.

However, when I try to establish a connection from a C# application, using SqlConnection, it fails with a timeout. But, if I try the same experiment using an OleDbConnection it works fine (after adjusting the connection string to include the provider information).

For comparison, if I run the experiment on the EC2 instance, using an SqlConnection with a connection string that establishes a (local) connection, it also works correctly, so I assume the issue is related to the use of SqlConnection remotely.

Does anyone have any idea what I need to do to get SqlConnection working, or what steps I could take to further diagnose the cause of the problem?

Many thanks for your advice,


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Apparently this behavior is caused by this issue and, in my case, it was specifically because my PCTools firewall was doing something unexpected with the outbound TCP packets created by SqlConnection.

I implemented a temporary workaround by uninstalling PCTools (it was not sufficient to merely disable the firewall), so I now have to find a new firewall that complies with what Windows/SQL Client is expecting.

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