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There's a magic function to autoload classes (__autoload), I want to know if there a way to load a file without a class.

Something like this:

require ('example_file'); // Trigger __autoloadfiles function

function __autoloadfiles($filename)
    $files = array(
        ROOT . DS . 'library' . DS . $filename. '.php',
        ROOT . DS . 'application' . DS . $filename . '.php',
        ROOT . DS . 'application/otherfolder' . DS . $filename. '.php'

    $file_exists = FALSE;

    foreach($files as $file) {
        if( file_exists( $file ) ) {
            require_once $file;
            $file_exists = TRUE;

        die("File not found.");

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You can define own function for requiring:

function require_file($file) {
    // your code

and then call it


I guess that there is no way to overload require function.

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