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I'm trying to select a carriage return in various lines in a report. Eventually, I would like to remove the carriage returns. If I use "`n","`r","\n","\r", I don't get anything for the result. When I access the report in Vi, I can see the carriage return (^L). So I'm not sure what to do at this point but pull my hair out.

ls C:\DOWNLOAD\STANDARD\AUDIT*PRM3711* | %{ gc $_ | Select-String -Pattern '\** WARNING \** -  ' }


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gc returns the contents of a file as an array of lines, which will not contain line break characters.

If you need to match across lines, I would suggest the approach from this answer, e.g.:

$content = [IO.File]::ReadAllText( $_.FullName )
if( $content -match "(?s)..." ) {
  # use values in $matches

To remove the line break characters from a match, try $matches[0] -replace [Environment]::NewLine or $matches[0] -replace "`r*`n*".

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in powershell carriage return +line feed shoud be `n

i think you can use this:

[string]::Join("",(gc 'C:\temp\test.txt'))
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I already tried `n without any luck. It looks like this in Vim "** WARNING ** - ^LSAMPLE REPORT". Notice the carrot L in front of SAMPLE. When I do a Select-String within Powershell, it picks up the carriage return as a space. –  drod Nov 30 '12 at 22:06

Powershell uses


for carriage return line feed

get-content makes an array of strings

So you could use $result = (cat C:\DOWNLOAD\STANDARD\AUDIT*PRM3711* | where { $_ -like '** WARNING ** - ' } ) $result = $result -replace '** WARNING ** - ' , 'rn** WARNING ** - '

Alternatively, I think in PS3 you can make it one long line instead of an array by using get-content -delimiter `0

I don't have a PS3 box in front of me right now....

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Aaand it ate the back ticks... <code>-replace "pattern", "backtick R backtick N pattern"</code> –  furicle Jul 7 '14 at 19:08

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