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My google fu is failing me. Visual Studio and Resharper helpfully provide closing brackets and the like. For example, typing "var foo = new Foo(" immediately inserts a ). Great! So I go to insert a bunch of other stuff. I know I can just type in the closing characters and it'll gloss over fine, but when I do something like this...

var foo = new Foo(new Bar()
    Something = 48,
    SomethingElse = new Fred(new Bob())

Right after typing Bob the rest is generated. I want to be able to cleanly move to the end of that generated code and move to the next line without touching the arrow keys. A simpler example:

if (something)

That last curly brace is made for me, but I want to go past it without touching the arrow keys. Is there any shortcut that I'm missing?

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Just keep typing. Type the closing ")" (ReSharper will move past it), then the semicolon (ReSharper will enter it).

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Yep, I know that one. And I just tried it on multiline... and it works. Huh. That part I didn't know. That'll work fine then! –  Evertras Nov 30 '12 at 19:30

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