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i want to compare two images like image1.png and image2.png.both the images look pretty same with some difference. so i want to get the difference and want to apply the difference on first image image1.png. i searched lot to get similar kind of code of this library but found none.

after lots of search i got bit similar kind of things which i am looking for in java code. here is the url http://mindmeat.blogspot.in/2008/07/java-image-comparison.html

please go to the url and there you can see the code generate 3rd image with difference but my requirement is bit different. i do not want to generate 3rd image rather i want to apply the difference on the 1st image image1.png. some one told me it can be done very easily with emgu cv library. so i search for similar code based on emgu cv library but found no. it will be great help me anyone can guide me with sample code using emgu cv library.


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What do you mean by "apply the difference" ? If it is related to merging the differences with the first image, you might be after in-painting. See stackoverflow.com/questions/13602499/… for an example of in-paintaing if you are not sure if that is what you are after. –  mmgp Dec 31 '12 at 3:08

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I think what you require is:

image1 = image2 - image1;

Due to operator overloading, this is possible directly in Emgu CV

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can you plzz come with a sample code in c# what u said. thanks –  Thomas Oct 14 at 17:49
It's simple. Just read two images that you need to subtract. Image<Gray, Byte> img1 = new Image<Gray, Byte>("C:\\image1.png"); Image<Gray, Byte> img2 = new Image<Gray, Byte>("C:\\image2.png"); Image<Gray, Byte> img3 = img2 - img1; //Here the difference is applied. –  Umair Oct 15 at 15:17
from your guidance i came to know how to subtract two images using EmguCV library.can u guide me how to merge diff image with first image.as example say i have two images 1st image is full green image and second image is full green but have red circle at middle right corner. when i got the diff image after subtract then how can i merge the diff portion with full green image as a result my new merge image will look like full green image with red circle at middle right corner. can u please suggest anything how to achieve it with EmguCV library.give me a sample code using EmguCV library.thanks –  Thomas Oct 18 at 7:20
Image3 = image2 - image1; Image3 = Image3 + Image1; –  Umair Oct 18 at 11:10
i was expecting that u would give sample code. anyway i will try thanks. –  Thomas Oct 18 at 14:54

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