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I am trying to create a dynamic checkboxlist control with an extended html helper? The radio button list will be filled by a list of items? Not sure how to make this more flexible for any list items.

public static string CheckBoxList(this HtmlHelper helper, string name, <Some List> items)
            var output = new StringBuilder();
            output.Append(@"<div class=""checkboxList"">");

            foreach (var item in items)
                output.Append(@"<input type=""checkbox"" name=""");
                output.Append("\" value=\"");

                output.Append(" />");
                output.Append("<br />");


            return output.ToString();
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How about passing in the value property name as a parameter and then getting that property with reflection?

var itemValue = item.GetType( ).GetProperty( propName ).GetValue( item, null );

So your method Signature is like so:

public static string CheckBoxList(this HtmlHelper helper, string name, List<object> items, string propName)
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Thank you, it worked great! – Chaka Nov 30 '12 at 20:58

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