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Is it possible to implement a custom Transition in WinRT? E.g. it would be nice to have transitions for the control visibility. So when you show/hide a part of a split view it animates the entire view by using a sliding effect.

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Yes you can, using the usual WPF animation techniques, only with minor changes to WinRT.

The usual pattern is to apply double/color/easing animations to your UI elements via storyboarding - being triggered by changes in the visual state manager. You can do this either declaratively or via code-behind.



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I'm asking specifically about transitions but not animations or triggers. –  maxim pg Dec 4 '12 at 20:25

As far as I know you can't build your custom transitions and use them like normal WinRT Transitions, that is, inside a TransitionCollection.


You can't do the above as far as I know. (ignore the fact that I exemplified with a ListView, it applies to everything, I think)

You'll probably have to use a Storyboard that animates both the RenderTransform (TranslateTransform) and the Opacity to achieve your objective.
I think you can still create a Behavior though if you want to make it more reusable.

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