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I had a tomcat6 server running in Ubuntu 12.04 (successfully).

I tried to install Jenkins through apt-get, not realizing that it would use the same port as tomcat6. However, once I disabled Jenkins, tomcat6 still will not start. I get the following error:

* invalid CATALINA_BASE: /var/lib/tomcat6

I have tried settings my CATALINA_BASE env variable to what I think it is supposed to be (/usr/share/tomcat6), but it hasn't seem to have had any effect. Any suggestions?

I also tried setting CATALINA_HOME and CATALINA_BASE in startup.sh, but again no help.

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Apparently installing Jenkins completely uninstalled Tomcat6.

I decided to try to uninstall and reinstall Tomcat6 and, when trying to uninstall, was told that I Tomcat6 wasn't installed.

Installed Tomcat6 via apt-get install, and everything works as before.

There's probably more going on here that I don't understand, but the problem is resolved.

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