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Is there any way to use write() and write.table() so that the output file is in a different directory than the working directory? It tried setting the path to the output file before the filename, and just get an error message.

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Might your error message be due to the fact that the directory you are trying to setwd() to does not exist? If so, use dir.create(). –  Stephan Kolassa Nov 30 '12 at 19:47
can you post the actual write.table line you've tried? –  Ricardo Saporta Nov 30 '12 at 21:30

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If you're using windows, R will know to go outside the current directory if it sees C:/ first (presumably other mounted drives too). With Macs it will go outside the current wd if it sees /. So:

  1. Mac OS X:

    write.table(foo, file="/users/name/folder/filename.ext")
  2. Windows

    write.table(foo, file="C:/users/name/folder/filename.ext")

Always test to make sure you have the path right first!

list.files("/....")       #Give errors if path doesn't exist as typed

So if you're in /users/parent/subdir and you want to reference something in parent, you must type out the full path - write.table(foo, "parent/name.ext") will tell R to make a file: /users/parent/subdir/parent/name.ext.

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Or you can use absolute paths - nomenclature will depend on your operating system.

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