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I am trying to create a series of randomly distributed spheres in Matlab, three will be three sub-sets. I would like each subset to have a different color. I am using a structure because each sphere will also have different properties associated with it. I tried using colormap, and set(...'FaceColor'..) but am having some difficulty. Please Help.

for n = 1:100
    Bslice.cell(n).index = n; 
    Bslice.cell(n).type = 'Tyep1'; % Type2, Type3
    Bslice.cell(n).location = round(rand(1, 3)*10);

[x,y,z] = sphere;

for n = 1:10
    hold on 
    grid on
    surfl(x-Bslice.cell(n).location(1), y-Bslice.cell(n).location(2), z-Bslice.cell(n).location(3)); 
    shading interp
    % colormap(hot(100))
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Is another way to phrase your question- how can I make three 3D clusters? – mac389 Nov 30 '12 at 21:30

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Create a matrix c corresponding to the color of each point on the sphere. Then,

[x y z] = sphere;

More documentation on surf here.

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