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I am a newbie to hooking. I am searching for a python program that can hide files or block it by filtering the results by filtering some of them using win API hooking . I have read that there is also another way to do it, using file system filtering driver, or using kernel mode API hooking, of which I got the idea from here.

Anyway, I am python guy, so I want it to be in python, searching for which I got up to PyBox. This is where I can inject certain DLL into a application and then can run it.

Here is the code which do it:

 if kernel32.CreateProcessA(self.exe,
   = process_information.dwProcessId
            self.tid = process_information.dwThreadId
            self.h_process = process_information.hProcess
            self.h_thread = process_information.hThread
            print "Process successfully launched with PID %d." %
            return True
            print "Process could not be launched!"
            raise WinError()
            return False

This creates process in suspended mode and then:

def resume(self):
        if (kernel32.ResumeThread(self.h_thread) == 0):
            print "Process could note be resumed!"
            raise WinError()
            return False
            print "Process resumed."
            return True

This function resumes the process after injecting the DLL. I am wondering two things:

  1. Why not If I can block the process rather than resuming it. This will block the application from running. But which function of kernel32 should I call?
  2. How can I implement ntQueryDirectoryfile function or zwQueryDirectoryfile function here so that I can add a filter to the file rather than blocking it. Do the DLL will then have any effect on the filter?
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Got the way. I now guess at this point that kernel32.dll needs kernel mode hooking which is far out of reach from python.

WINDDK and VS(Visual Studio) provides the kernel debugger and environment to create .sys files which can be called into exe.

Just use function as per defined in WIN32HLP

Now I am just wondering if that exe could be made out of python( Which I prefer by the way)/

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