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I created layout. I added View there:

    android:layout_height="match_parent" />

Now, for example user is clicking button. In Activity is executing proper function setOnClickListener. I want to send information about it to View class app.test.application.EObrazView.

How to do this? How to share information between that classes?


EObrazView view1;
view1 = (EObrazView) findViewById(R.id.myView);
[button on click listener]

newImage(); is function in EObrazView which I want to use when yhe button in activity class is pressed. Unfortunately, there is an error: java.lang.NullPoniterException

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Assumed the view is from you, which seems to be the case. You have to create methods in the view class.

Then you assign the view an id in XML:


And you get a reference to this view in the activity with

EObrazView view = (EObrazView)findViewById(R.id.myId);

And can call the methods.

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see edit. This code is not working –  Ludwik11 Dec 1 '12 at 13:48

Change your layout code to something like:

    android:layout_height="match_parent" />

And then after you call setContentView within OnCreate of your Activity you can get a reference to that view by calling findViewById(R.id.myView).setOnClickListener()

If you're using an OnClickListener, when onClick is called you will be given a reference to the view that was clicked, and then you can call any (public) function that you like.

If I have multiple clickable views in an Activity, I like to have my Activity implement OnClickListener and then calling findViewById(R.id.someViewId).setOnClickListener(this) within OnCreate for every clickable view, and then I use a switch statement like so:

public void onClick(View someView) {
    switch (someView.getId()){
         case someViewId:
             //doing something such as call someView.someFunction()
         case someOtherViewId:
             //do something else!
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