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I am trying Yesod book examples documented on Yesod webpage. One of the examples is for Chat application embedded in Wiki. When I try it in ghci (loading Chat module from Wiki.hs which contains Wiki example code), I get the error below for Chat.hs:

    Could not deduce (Text.Julius.ToJavascript Text)
      arising from a use of `Text.Julius.toJavascript'
    from the context (YesodChat master)
      bound by the type signature for
                 chatWidget :: YesodChat master =>
                               (Route Chat -> Route master) -> GWidget sub master ()
      at Chat.hs:(81,15)-(83,35)
    Possible fix:
      add an instance declaration for (Text.Julius.ToJavascript Text)
    In the first argument of `Text.Julius.Javascript', namely
      `Text.Julius.toJavascript output'
    In the expression:
      Text.Julius.Javascript (Text.Julius.toJavascript output)
    In the first argument of `Data.Monoid.mconcat', namely
          ((Data.Text.Lazy.Builder.fromText . Text.Shakespeare.pack')
             \// Set up the receiving end\
             \var output = document.getElementById(\""),
        Text.Julius.Javascript (Text.Julius.toJavascript output),
          ((Data.Text.Lazy.Builder.fromText . Text.Shakespeare.pack')
             \var src = new EventSource(\""),
             (_render_a3Yr (toMaster ReceiveR) [])),

I am not very familiar with Yesod libraries yet. So, I am stumped by the above error - I have seen this error in other Yesod examples too where toWidget function is called. So, it seems to be related to toWidget function. I will appreciate help in fixing the above error.

I am using ghc 7.6.1 with yesod


Fixed following Hammar's suggestion. I made two changes in Chat.hs.

  1. Add import statement for rawJS:

    import Text.Julius (rawJS)

  2. Track down all instances of #{} blocks within julius whamlet in Chat.hs, and replace them with {# rawJS ...}

    var output = document.getElementById("#{rawJS output}");

    var input = document.getElementById("#{rawJS input}");

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I don't have Yesod installed to test it at the moment, but according to this blog post you should just have to change #{output} to #{rawJS output} and so on when interpolating JavaScript identifiers.

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thank you, @hammar. That was exactly the problem. Fixed now after I tracked down every #{} block inside julius whamlet, and replaced it with rawJS. – Sal Dec 1 '12 at 0:57

In shakespeare-js-1.1.0, the ToJavascript instances for Text and some other types have been removed:

-- | A typeclass for types that can be interpolated in CoffeeScript templates.
class ToJavascript a where
    toJavascript :: a -> Builder
#if 0
instance ToJavascript [Char] where toJavascript = fromLazyText . TL.pack
instance ToJavascript TS.Text where toJavascript = fromText
instance ToJavascript TL.Text where toJavascript = fromLazyText
instance ToJavascript Javascript where toJavascript = unJavascript
instance ToJavascript Builder where toJavascript = id
instance ToJavascript Value where toJavascript = fromValue

while in previous versions of the package, they were only conditionally disabled:


I don't know whether that's intentional and meant to remain so, or just a forgotten development change.

To use the example as is, you would need to rebuild yesod against shakespeare-js < 1.1. That would mean uninstalling a lot of packages first, or a new sandbox (if you're using cabal-dev or some other sandboxing tool).

The only instances of ToJavascript in shakespeare-js-1.1.0 are RawJavascript (a newtype wrapper around Builder) and Value (a type for JSON values) from the aeson package.

You could just wrap output in

Text.Julius.toJavascript output

in a RawJavascript . Data.Text.Lazy.Builder.fromText to get a RawJavascript value and make it work if it were real code, but since it's TH-generated, you'd need to fix the TH output or the quasiquoter - neither of which I know how to do.

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Thanks @daniel-fischer. Indeed, rawJS was missing as Hammar pointed out. – Sal Dec 1 '12 at 0:59

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